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Italy is known for its exquisite olives. And so, we’ve selected three of the finest varieties for you, grown in century-old groves owned by generations of family farmers, and picked at the peak of ripeness for the highest level of flavor.


Use them on charcuterie boards, in salads and main dishes, in a cocktail, or simply on its own as a rich burst of Italian taste.

  • castelvetrano olives have a mild, buttery flavor, crisp bite and meaty texture. 

  • cerignola are some of the largest olives Italy has to offer. Their mildly tart flavor, meaty texture and large size make them perfect for snacking.

  • leccino olives are one of the oldest and most cherished varieties in Italy. These rustic dark olives have a full, complex, bitter flavor and a softer texture which make them stand out in any prepared dish.

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